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Never settle for anything but the best. Wraith is the premiere suite of tools and applications to help you secure any release.

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Wraith gives you access to everything you need all in one application to make sure you are ready for every release. As a team, we strive to consistently out perform all of our competitors.


Join the thousands of satisfied users that are able to consistently secure the releases they want.


Our applications accommodate setups of all types. Whether you’re managing servers, or just running off your laptop, Wraith will make the best of what you have.


All Wraith members will gain access to a group of thousands, with experienced support representatives that are always ready to assist you with anything you need.

About Wraith

Our mission is to provide a state of the art set of tools to boost your chance at purchasing a coveted item across any of our supported sites.

We are always adapting and upgrading our class of products to stay ahead of the curve in an evolving industry. When you become a Wraith member you will have the assurance of knowing that you will always have the best resources to secure any release at your fingertips.


Wraith offers a suite of tools to keep your resell game covered. Constantly adding and improving features Wraith has your back.

Dominate the releases that keep you waiting in line. Wraith offers a special touch to make those splash releases a breeze.

  • YeezySupply Hybrid Mode
  • Custom chrome extension for cart sharing
  • Supports all splash releases

Take a first class flight (snacks not included) anywhere around the world with your smart phone in seconds. Stop feeling left out on Nike releases with Spoof.

  • Spoof multiple devices at once
  • Spoof device to any location around the world
  • Cop any Nike shock drop / SNKRS pass

While Wraith has you covered for most all releases we understand you have other bots, luckily you dont have to spend hours setting up with Wraiths profile converter.

  • Convert / Create / and import thousands of profiles in seconds
  • Supporting all of most popular comercial bots
  • One sheet converts all, one time setup.

Create accounts, manage profiles, create proxies & servers. Control every aspect of your setup with a few clicks.

  • Create Shopify accounts on any store
  • Card and profile manager to get rid of headache while setting up
  • Create proxies and servers from popular cloud providers

Add your sales and gather real time analytics on how well you are doing reselling.

  • Manage your inventory
  • Multiple platform support

Improve your account activity for higher recaptcha scores across the board with a lightweight captcha tool for maximum performance.

  • Automated login and activity generator
  • Build account reputation for v3 and v2 captchas
  • Lightweight to support much more accounts

Splash Tool

Wraith's hybrid mode means you can run hundreds of tasks without any performance issues and get the maximum amount of splash passes and checkouts. With a built in captcha harvester Wraith has you covered so you don't have to sit in line any longer.

Wraith's splash tool comes with a chrome extension that can be used to share carts and checkout with ease after passing splash.


Get all the info you need to be successful with Wraith for ever release with a support team and discord.


Everything you need all in one. Feature list always growing and filled with the best and most useful features

Always improving

The Wraith team knows sneakers are always changing, with over 3 years of experience we are always expanding and improving.


Wraith makes sure that you are on top of the release notifying you in the discord and inside your app with live updates and success.

The reason we are the best

Don't settle for less

Wraith utilizes the experience and resources of its creators (Ghost AIO) to provide users with the best possible class of tools.

Wraith offers a suite of features for a variety of different releases that will take you from 0 to reseller as soon as your email arrives. With a dedicated support team and a private discord paired with a revolutionary tool, we have your back.

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